Transfer money from canada to the us

Transfer money from canada to the us ( Top 5 Ways )

Now a day’s money transfer is very important for us. Even it’s a part in our everyday life. You can’t ignore money transfer if you are living in modern world. No matter what is your profession is, you need to send money or you already send money to anyone in your life. This article is based on Transfer money from canada to the us but you can get a detail guide about how you send money from anywhere to anyone. Even you can know how to send money without any lost or low cost. So let’s see.


What is money transfer-?

Money transfer is a way to send money to anyone. There are different kinds of way you can found today to send money. You have to choose or find out what option would be best for you. You can send money by two ways, one is transfer money by digital banking and another is classic like sending money my mail.

Wait, don’t take any decision now. After reading the content you can take your decision. Now just stay reading.

What is digital money transfer-?

The digital money transfer is way where you send your money by digitally. You can send your money by electronic way. For digital way, you can use your debit card/credit card or any online method. If you want you cans end the money by your regular checking account no. even now a days there are many digital wallet you can found on internet. If you want you can use their wallet and end your money to anywhere.

What is classic way-?

This method is too lengthy. By this method you can send your money to anywhere by mail. Or you can send your check to anyone by mail. To using this method you should know about the legal policy about sending by mail. Even you should abide by the post office policy. When you go for the classic policy then you may face some extra cost to send money.

Which method is best?

Well, when the question about best. Then you one sentence answer is digital way. When you are using the digital way then you can feel the real test of sending money without any trouble. Even by the digital way your sending speed would be very first.

Now choice is yours which method you use to send your money.

Types of digital way-

Well, there are different kinds of company you can found on today who offer you to use their service to send money. But when it’s all about sending money to worldwide then you must think about security. Not all company is good to sending money. On internet you can found many fraud even sometime you can’t catch them because they are quite cleaver. Before sending money by any digital wallet you should review the company at least one time so that you can understand about them. If you want you can check their review by goggling.

Here we listed some awesome company who offer digital wallet and money sending service. We believe you must take a look at them at let one time before taking any decision.

Top 5 ways to Transfer money from Canada to the us-


In at no one is Currencyfair –

Currencyfair is in our top list because of money transfer fees. Actually we build the list base on security and money transfer fees. We know when you go for send big amount money then you can face a lot of fees but you want to ignore the fees. That’s why the Currencyfair is. if you are new in Currencyfair  then you can money Canada to us with zero cost. When you are a first time user of Currencyfair then the Currencyfair offer you 10 transactions is totally for first timer. For international bank transfer the will take 3-5 days duration.


In at no two is transfer wise-

Transfer wise is another great platform to send your money internationally. If you want to send your money quickly then you can choose the transfer wise. You can send your money within 2 days. For direct bank deposit they will take 3-5 days. To know more you check their website.

In at no three is world remit-

The world remit is one of the best way to send money from Canada to usa. Not only Canada to usa but also you can send money internationally within a very short time and low cost.  If you are new in world remit then you will first three transfer with zero send cost. By their this feature you can ignore the transfer cost. They offer direct payment and to do this the world remit will take only 2 days. Overall, the zero cost for first timer and 2days transfer time make this world remit great.

In at no four is RBC Royal bank-

If you want to send money through by a bank then the RBC Royal bank would be perfect for you. But we don’t recommend this because of its transfer time and fees. They will take 3-5 days to transfer your money to direct bank deposit. Not only that they will take too much exchange rate also you might face bank fees to transfer money. Indeed it’s not fair. If you still want to send money by a bank then the RBC Royal bank is best for you.

In at no five is Paypal-

Now a days who don’t know about PayPal. Paypal is a great way to send money t worldwide. Of course PayPal allowed country. If you want send your money very first speed then the PayPal would be right fit for you. For charge, PayPal’s charge is not so high than others. For turnaround time PayPal will take 3-5 days to transfer money. For exchange rate it won’t cut your pocket.

What is fastest way to transfer money Canada to USA-

Well, in this case we recommend you to use PayPal. PayPal is the perfect way to send money worldwide very first speed.

What is cheapest option to send money?

In this case the name of paypal comes first. Paypal’s sending cost is too much cheap than others.

Now it’s the time for overall all good option to send money-

Well, for overall good option is PayPal and transferwise. Both of the platforms are overall good for transfer money. They are well rated and popular platform to send money.

Final thought-

Did you make your decision to choose the way to Transfer money from Canada to the us. If yes, that’s awesome. If you can’t take any decision yet then we must say think about three think before choose any platform. The first one is transfer cost, second one is turnaround time and last one is security.

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