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Pay tithes online ( Top 5 Company) details Guide and Review

Life is become very busy now days. Even most of people don’t want to invest lots of time any nonprofit place. Time is money people say. So when tis all about to pay online for tithes basis then people set automation for sending the tithes basis payment. By doing the automation the smart people can save their time and money also. If you are in this club so you have to know all about the pay tithes online. You must know it in every place of your daily life. To think of you time and money; we research and develop this article. By this article you can know all about the how to pay tithes online and what is the benefit of paying through online. Not only that, we recommend you some platform from there you can send money with a very low rate.

What is tithes pay-?

Basically most of the people are using the tithes pay word to sending payment for Church. But if you want you can use the tithes terms for your everyday money sending way. To set everyday money sending you have to know how to set the tithes pay for regular basis money sending.

The importance of tithes pay trough online-

There are different kinds of benefit of paying tithes money online. But here list the most important and common benefit you can get by choosing the online feature.

  1. If you are a very busy person and don’t have time to send money regular basis then the tithes online payment option would be best for you. By online, you can choose any platform who send money on behalf of you and send you monthly report. That’s cool, right? By this way you can save your valuable time and money. We believe this online tithes payment would be more than best for any money saver person.
  2. You can save money by choosing the right platform for tithes paying online. You can found couple of company who offer you money sending as regular basis but no every company are good for this. So you have to find out the right company to sending money as regular basis. Some company offer you zero fees for sending money or low fees for sending money. You can go for the company who offer low fees for sending money. If you choose post office or mail to sending money, you might be face high charge for sending money. That’s why to choosing online way you can save your money.
  3. You can keep record of your given money. Hope you know every online transaction has a track record and you can get the record as monthly basis. By this way you can keep the record.
  4. If you want you can set a frequent to sending money. Need more clarify? Well, you can set a frequently like daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc. Set the frequent that fit with you. Using this way you can ignore of any hesitation.

Top 5 Pay tithes online companies

In at no one is sharefaith

If you are looking for online platform who are expert in tithes payment, Then the sharefaith is perfect for you. Not only they are expert, they are well specialist on the tithes online payment. Let’s see their others benefits-

  1. You can get a membership from them to sending money.
  2. If you want to pay through your credit or debit card then you may have to pay 3% sending fees. On the other side if you want to pay through your check then the fees become 1%.
  3. Not only the tithes payment, you can use their total dashboard. That means you can use their other services.
  4. If you need donation account then you can also get a donation account from them.
  5. You can use them for text sending and online giving.

In at no two is PayPal

If you want a smooth platform to pay tithes payment then no one better option than paypal. You can send payment with in a very short time through PayPal. That’s why paypal is much popular because of its rush speed sending. There are multiple company using paypal because of its smooth sending. You can get multiple options for sending money like pay for good, send friend and family etc. Based on the payment options you can see multiple charges or fees for sending. But basically paypal’s transaction fee is 2.2%.

The plus point of paypal is there are no maintenance fees on there. You can easily use the paypal without any monthly or yearly fees. That’s great, right? S

In at no three is Pushpay

The pushpay is much better for them who want a monthly report of payment. The pushpay will give your monthly payment report. There are too much custom tools you can fund on the pushpay. For custom tool we rate it A+. if you want to use the pushpay through your mobile so we have a good news for you. You cam download the pushpay app on your mobile and use it smoothly.

Now it’s the time for fees and charges. Their monthly fees are $99 and it’s the minimum. Their money sending fees is 2.5%. We believe the monthly fees are too high. If the fee doesn’t matter to you then you can go for it it because of its awesome tools.

In at no four is EasyTithe

Do you like to set your monthly fees yourself? So the EasyTithe is the must try service for you. You can set you monthly fees by yourself based on the how many transaction you made. If you want you can choose less monthly fees as per your need.

By default their monthly fees is $49 and the money sending fees is 3% with $0.39 and for echeck the percent become 1% plus $0.39. We think the money sending fees is quite high. There are other security fees and broke fees you face. That’s why, our recommendation is check their all fees before choose them.

In at no five is Tithely

The tithely is another platform to pay tithely online. If you like paypal for their zero monthly maintenance fees then you might be like the tithely. The tithely also has the zero maintenance fees. But for sending money they will charge transaction.

For per transaction they will charge 2.9% with additional $0.30 if you use echeck to pay then the percentage below to 1% plus with the additional $0.30. Indeed they have high volume of transaction fees to maybe they make up their monthly fees web believe.


Final thought-

Hope you now a to z of how to Pay tithes online. Our recommendation is go for the company who take low transaction fees and low monthly fees or no monthly fees.

Above you can found the Paypal and the tithely won’t take any monthly fees. If you want to zero monthly fees then you should check them. But from both of them we recommend you to go for PayPal.

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