order food online with checking account number

Order food online with checking account number (Expert Guide)

Now a day’s life became easier because of the internet. There are thousands of works you can do by internet. The order food online is one of them. To order your food online you have to pay via your credit or debit card. But a maximum person doesn’t have any credit card or debit card. Only they own a bank checking account. So what you do if you doesn’t have credit or debit card. Don’t you order your favorite food? May be yes or may be no. But to make your food order easier, we are here to guide you How to Order food online with checking account number.

Here we guide you all of everything about checking account, how to order food, where to order food. Let’s see below-

What is a checking account?

A check account is a deposit account where you can deposit and withdrew your money. A checking account use electronic debit method that is great point of them. If you want you can do any kinds of transaction through your checking account number. That’s why you need to know your checking account number. Do you know your checking account no? Well see below how you can get your checking account number.

How to get checking account number-

No bank will provide you the checking account number with the document they provide. The reason is only security. So to get the number you should do step by step some process. Below they are-

  1. First of first, you should go to the bank branch that located in your local area. Of course, bring the identification document so that the bank authority identifies your account.
  2. If you don’t wants to go to your bank so we suggest you to check your monthly statement. Most of the bank provides the account number with the monthly statement. If you are lucky enough, may be you can found the number to your statement.
  3. Do you use check? If yes, so why you go to bank or looking for statement? If you use the check ever, you might use the account number on your check. Without knowing account number you can’t write check details. Hope now you got your checking account number.
  4. Check the online login details. If your bank authority provides online service then for sure they provide you a login details where you can log in. To login you have to put your checking account no and checking account PIN. Then you can login. If you have the access so you can use the number as your account number.

Why you use check account while online purchase-

  1. When you don’t have any credit and debit card that is the time you can use your checking account number alternative of credit or debit card.
  2. Checking account is more secquare than any credit or debit card. In at credit/debit card you can get only card number, CVC, and expiration date. on the other side from a checking account you have provide account number, account holder name, routing number etc. that’s why we think the checking account is more secqure.
  3. Most of the time retails stores allow only purchase via checking account. In this case, you can get great advantage.

Pro Tips: Do you know PayPal? May be the question is too silly. We know everybody knows PayPal. PayPal is a great to using your checking account number. If you want you can add fund to your PayPal from the checking account you have. You can do it with in a minute. After add funds to your PayPal then you can order food from online without any hesitation. Even while you go to purchase anything from online then you can see “pay with PayPal” option. Hope this method works well for you.

Top up your checking account-

What happen if your checking account’s balance will finish suddenly? That is too much uncomfortable we know. How’s about, if you get some fund your account instantly when the balanced is finished. That’s cool, right? But how you get the fund? See the process below-

  1. Loan solo: Loan solo is a great way to fund in your checking account. But they provide small amount of money. Maximum you can get $1000 in your balance. Of course the fund you can get the balance as borrow. You have to pay the loan later. You have to provide them your personal details to approve the loan.
  2. PockBox: if you need higher amount of money as loan instantly so the pockbox is good fit for you. You can get up to $2500 as loan. As same as the loansolo you have to provide your personal details to them and then the pockbox send your details to the lender who provides you the loan. After approve the loan you can get the fund in your account.

From where you can order food online with checking account number

AKS takeout:

AKS takeout is one of the best online food delivery companies in USA. If you want various kinds of food at one place so the AKS takeout is the best place for you. The AKS takeout take our order till midnight. They begin taking order from 11am and end the taking time is 12 midnight. Sometimes they run special offer campaign. We recommend you to check the offer first before place an order. Who knows, you can get your choice able food for discount rate.


GuruHub is the biggest platform to purchase your favorite food online. In this GuruHub you can also found various kinds of food. If you want you can choose your nearest restaurant for food. For this case, you should enter your pin/zip code to find your location then check your location based restaurant. They require your personal details and payment details to place your order. Of course they will use your data to promote their restaurant offer in near future. We believe it’s common.

Uber eats: Uber eats also a great way to order food online. As same as guru hub you can also put there your zip/pin code to set you location. After setting up your location choose the restaurant you like in your area. You will have some awesome benefit from the uber eat. They have some specific time to pick your order. Even they specifically serve morning breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner etc. by this feature you can set the time then order your food. When you choose your favorite food in that you can see how long the uber eat takes to deliver the food to your location. For payment, you can pay via you card, PayPal, even your checking number.

Door dash:

This is the Door dash. Door dash is one of the biggest food delivery companies in US. They will help you to order food from your best location. They deliver the food at your location. If you want you can schedule the food deliver time as per your need from them. The Door dash has their own app to make your life easier.

Final part:

Hope now you know about How to Order food online with checking account number including all of the possible topic that you need.

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