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Best oil and gas acquisition financing Companies (Top 5 Pick)

If you ask about what is the largest industry in the word. We must say oil and gas. Not only in the united states but also the oil and gas industry is most popular in the whole world.

Financing oil and gas for acquisition is really very rare. May be, your head begin spinning when you are looking for oil and gas financing companies. So what is the solution? Your solution is here. We research and listed some companies who finance for oil and gas acquisition. The companies are very popular in the united states. To make sure, we recommend you to check the company’s profile.

Top five oil and gas acquisition financing companies

Critical Mass Capital for oil and gas well financing

This company will help you to your any kinds of oil and gas acquisition project. Basically their area is upstream, midstream and downstream. How they arrange a lots of money for financing? Well, they are partnered with top class bank in the united states. That is their main key point. Not only banks, different kinds of financials groups and companies also their partner. When you apply for financing for your project then they check your application. If your applications and papers are all ok,  then they will arrange the capital from the banks and companies. Finally after arranging all of the capital, they will hand over the money to you. What is their financing amount? Well, they can finance 1 million to 100 million USD. That’s cool. Right?

Pacific national capital for oil and gas production lending

We called the pacific national capital is multipurpose financial way. They will finance different kinds of industry like oil, gas, electricity etc. they are not stopped for oil and gas. They pacific national capital would like to finance your oild and gas acquisition project and drilling a project that oil and gas related. If you want to drill others project, their door is always open for you. If you want a debt financing option or line of credit option, then they can provide you the options. The benefit of the two options is you can quickly finance for your project. If you have that then we recommend you use them. They mentioned what is their ability to finance, but also they mention they have the ability to finance amount and any kinds of sectors. Although they are multi faced. If you like them, try to have a look at them.

Capital Market Experts for oil and gas mezzanine financing

If you want an expert company in this finance market, so Capital Market Experts is one the best expert company. They are very much expert in the private money lending sector. Let us introduce with their expert sectors. They are expert in business capital, any kinds of acquisition financing, growth financing, bride finance and corporate financing. There may options are waiting for you. If you are a busy person and want the fund quickly so that’s the right choice for you. You will get the fund in your account after approve your finance application. The limit of minimum finance is $5MM. The amount is very much we believe. No matter what is your company is, you can apply for the fund. We got they allow upstream, midstream, downstream and oil field service companies. Make sure the types before taking any decision.

Baker Donelson best for oil and gas funding sources

The baker donelson is one the muti faced finance company. As same as others, they are also finance for electricity, natural gas, solar, landfill, power, oil etc. even they has more than multi face we think. They can finance for your total project or drilling your total project. They also offer you reserved based loan. But for the reserve based they have some restriction. They only provide the reserved based loan for the oil and gas sector. Of course they also finance for acquisition business. They will offer you the Syndicated loan facilities. That means you can get the loan form some ground of lender. That’s why it would be so easier to arrange your loan amount. You can get a hybrid amount as finance. That’s why they call their offer Mezzanine finance.

Our recommendation is, the Baker Donelson is not bad for financing even for oil and gas.

Wexum best for oil and gas financing structures

We know how much Discomfort is to provide personal guarantee to a finance lender. Maximum people hate this. We do also. If you are in this group so this Wexum is perfect fit for you. They won’t charge you to provide personal guarantee. They are also multi faced finance company but their options are quite little. On the other hand they are good fit for acquisition financing. The Wexum like to finance for your oil and gas project. You can get $500000 up as finance amount. Not only that, they offer you quick closing option. So what else are you looking for?

Final part-

As we know the oil and gas industry is the largest industry in the word. To finance in this industry is not easy. Not every finance company wants to finance in this category because of lack of amount. Most of company can’t arrange the amount of money that the industry needs. Most of the time the industry needs maximum no of amount $100 million. That’s too much.

The list we provide here is one of the largest finance company and broker in this oil and gas industry. Their process is too good we believe. Firstly they will check your finance application then they check the amount that you want. After that if they arrange the money from their Partner Company and banks. That’s their process.

Our recommendation is Critical Mass Capital. The Critical Mass Capital is good for finance amount. They can provide you 1 million to 100 million. Of course as per your need and ability. On the other side, for multi faced you can choose pacific national capital. The pacific national capital is one of multi faced company for oil and gas acquisition financing. You can choose from these. Of course check others to know more.

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