Male to female voice changer

Male to female voice changer ( Top 3 Pick This Year)

There are various types of reason to change voice by phone, desktop, laptop or any other devices. The reason can be funny; can be any serious issue or something else. If you are singer then you must need the voice changer. Any types of music related a profession needs a voice changer. Sometimes people use voice changer to make funny thing with their friends and family. Even if you have kinds then they would be happy by using the voice changer. Changing voice male to female is really funny thing for everyone. But the worst matter is on online and internet finding the male to female voice changer is like a rocket science. We can say 10 out of 100 online website and app will satisfied you for their voice changer. But to finding the 10 out of 100 is not so easy and it’s need too much time. 

That’s why to think of you we are listed the best male to female voice changer source like online and apps where you can do your voice changer work. Not only you can get lots of idea about the benefit of the voice changer and how to use the voice changer and the pros and cons. So keep reading..

Benefit of voice changer-

  1. A voice changer app can makes you happy. You can do funny activity with your friends and family by voice changer apps.
  2. If you want you can change your voice and call your friends and make them fool. That’s too much funny right?
  3. If you are a song lover person or you sing song then voice changer software or app or a suitable voice changer would be perfect for you. If you want you can change the son’s voice male to female. For male singer they can change their voice to female voice by the app.
  4. For security reason like someone call you but they hear a female voice so they think you are not in there. By this way they become fool.
  5. You can change your male voice to female voice. By this way you can change your identity. You can record the voice then send the record to anyone.
  6. Sometime the defense people are using the voice changer for their defense purpose.
  7. For film industries people are using the voice changer also to change voice on movie or dialog or song.

As you know every person’s needs are different like that every person wants the voice changer for different kinds of purpose. That’s why we are listed the voice changer source by specific reason. Check below the reasons and their solution.

If you are using online basically or you don’t have a high smartphone to install high quality app to change the voice then you should go for online voice converter. By a online voice converter you can record your voice and change it to opposite gender’s voice. If you have already record file then you can import the file then covert the voice online. To do this, you don’t need any apps or any high quality smartphone. Let’s see the top online voice converter.

Best male to female voice changer online-

If you want to quick voice change from online so this lingojam would be more than perfect for you. The lingojam is very much easier to work. Not only that the lingojam is mobile friendly. That means you no need to any laptop or desktop to so this. you can do this from your mobile phone.

How to work with lingojam?

First of first you should go to their online site then choose the input audio section. If you go to their site from your laptop or desktop then make sure you allow to microphone or you set up headphone with your laptop. On the other side if you use your mobile to us the lingojam, then the lingojam ask you to allow audio from your site. You should allow the audio section form your site to record.

Now if you done all of these terms then you can see they allow you to record your voice to change the voice. If you don’t want to record or if you have the recoard file already in your phone or device then you can upload the clip to the lingojam. When you done uploading then, you can see the audio types.  You should chose the audio types that you want to use. There you can see multiple voice types like higher pitch, lower pitch etc. just from them that you like. Now take a look at the right side. You can play the converted voice from the right side. Not only play, you can also download the audio from there. that’s cool right?

From our side we recommend the lingojam highly.

This part is for whom who like to use app for any kinds of major work. If you are ion this group then keep reading.

Best male to female voice changer app

We segment the voice changer app in two parts one is for who use android device user and another is for apple device user.

First of first we want to go for the apple device user. If you are an apple device user then you can go for voice changer and sounder app. This app will helps you to record sound and change the voice. You can found the app in your apple store.

What you can do for the app?

  1. You can record anything in real-time. That means it likes live recording.
  2. You can get various types’ sound effect that you can include in your recorded voice.
  3. The app will allow you to control everything on recording including effect.
  4. This app is user friendly that means you can easily use the apps function.
  5. They have cool sharing function. You can share the recorded file within one click and one minute.

For android user the perfect app is Call Voice Changer Male To Female. This app also has some good different kind of feature than apple app.

The feature you will get from them-

  1. If you want you can change your voice during calling someone.
  2. The app will allow calling someone from different kind of number.
  3. You have the control of voice. You can choose the voice that you like.
  4. If you want you can do both of record and listen your own voice on phone.

Sometimes some people wanted to change their voice while they talking over phone to make someone confused. Actually it makes fun.

Best Voice changer during call male to female

If you are android user then you can choose the above app to change voice male to female and record voice. On the other side for apple device user, we recommend you to choose Call Voice Changer – IntCall app.

In this app you will get-

  1. You can make funny call to your friends and family and change your voice. If you want you can change your voice make to female. You can change each and every pitch of your voice.
  2. You can make live call effect while you are talking. We like horror effect mostly.
  3. If you want you can play different kinds of sounds during call. Suppose you wanted to wish some birthday then you can choose the birthday song when you are wishing.

Final part-

Most people are using the Male to female voice changer app while they are taking with someone. When someone go to install a app that for sure 90% people are don’t check which permission the app wants. We recommend you to check the required permission before install the app. It’s all about your security.

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