How to transfer money from apple pay to cash app

How to transfer money from apple pay to cash app ( Detail Guide)

It doesn’t matter which method you use to transfer money but money transfer is a part of in our everyday life. Apple pay is one of the methods you can use to transfer your money to your beloved one. Even if you want you can send the money to cash app. That’s why you know about how to transfer money from apple pay to cash app in details. If you don’t know in details about this transfer process, then there a higher chance to send the amount in error way. In this article you can get all of the details about apple pay, cash app and how to transfer money from apple pay to cash app. Let’s find in below-

First of first you should know about what is apple pay?

Well, apple pay is a way to send money to another one. Of course if you wants to use the apple pay so you must have a apple device. Without any apple device you can make the payment. We believe the apple pay is more than secure that you can’t expect. By this apple pay you can purchase anything from store, online etc. Hope an apple pay make your life easier.

Why you use apply pay or apple devices?

There are lots of reasons to use apple pay but here we discuss about one thing that is NFC chip. Suppose, when you wants to shop online or pay via digital payment method then you should pay the payment via your credit or debit card or any others account that you have like PayPal. But in apply pay is too different than any others payment method.


In any shop or when you go for pay via apply pay then you can see the apple paying device. You can found The NFC chip in every apple devices. That’s you pay through apple pay the chip send the details to card reader and you can make your payment easily. Because of the apple pay, you no need any credit or debit card to swipe for make payment. That cools, right?

Now it’s the time for cash app. So what is cash app? Well, the cash app also a way to send, save and secure your money. You can send money from your apple pay to cash app anytime.

How to transfer money from apple pay to cash app-

To transfer money from apple pay to cash app you must up to date with apple pay. Not only up to date, your apple pay app should be updated and latest version. With latest version, may be you can’t transfer money. In this transfer guide you can use for any other transition from your apply pay.

  1. Firstly, you should go to your apple pay card info.
  2. From card info, you can see “more” option. In mobile device the more option appear like dot. Example (…) you should click on the dot to open more option. If you are in any tab device then just go to setting then click on wallet. After click on the apple cash option.
  3. Now click on bank transfer. (here you can put on the cash app no)
  4. Now it’s the time for amount. Put the amount that you want to send.
  5. When all set, now tab the instant transfer button.



Did you complete all of the process successfully? Great. Now wait to  transfer the amount. Basically, the find with reach within 30 minutes.

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How much apple pay is safe?

We feel it better to check apple pay’s feature before talking anything about apple pay’s security. Not only that you should compare apple with any other payment methods to know more about apple pay’s safety.

  • In apple pay you can get different kinds of security features like face id, NID, lock, PIN, Two factor verification etc. on the other side, maximum money sending platform won’t provide you these kinds of feature. You can get PIN and two factor security feature in some apps. That’s why because of these security protection issue, we believe apple pay is safer than any other money transaction app.
  • The second point is, when you purchase something from store and online, you should put your credit card details or any others banking details to purchase. But when you purchase through apple cash, there no need to put any banking details. That’s why the seller won’t see your banking or credit/debit card details. The apple pay is designed by to think about this issue.


There are some people who have apple wallet and apply both of these. So what happened if they have both of these account. Even maximum people confused about the wallet and pay. We think you should clarify about this.

The apple pay and apple wallet is not same. We know both of are apple product but they are not same. We can say they are related to each other. By the apple wallet you can manage all of your apple payment, check balance etc. on the other hand, by the apple pay, you can do digital transition. Because of these feature they are connect. Of Course you should connected them to each other before use them together.

The most common question is where you can use the apple pay?

The question’s answer is so simple. You can use the apply pay anywhere you see pay thorough apple pay option.

  • In your real life you can use the apply pay. Like shopping, purchase through online etc.
  • To purchase any software from IOS you can use the apple pay.

Final thought-

When it’s all about transition through online or app then safety comes here first. Hope you understood why the apple pay is more than safety. Not only that you know How to transfer money from apple pay to cash app.

At last our suggestion is to make sure to check before any kinds of online activity to ignore fraud. If you want, get an idea about online fraud before transition any amount through app or online.

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