How to set up a conference call on phone

How to set up a conference call on phone (Iphone, Android, Others)

Now days maintain every day’s schedule become for harder for mostly each and every one. Some people think if they can solve their every work easily within a short time that would be great, even some others think if they can do their business work by staying their home. We know each and everyone wants a better and easiest life.

If you are a business minded person or you are doing any business so conference is common word in your daily life. Not only has any business person, even if you are doing any others worked of course you also familiar with the conference.

In the past old days conference was meaning a group of people in room and talking their plan and others gossiping. But now in the modern days, you can do your conference from anywhere if you want. So in this article, you are going to learn how to set up a conference call on phone from anywhere and anyplace. Let’s digging down..

So first of first, what you need to set up a conference call?

There are different kinds of ways to set up a conference call. It depends on you and how you want to set it up. In this modern science we can set up conference via our electronic device like phone, tab, computer etc. So, if you have any technology like that, you are 20% ahead of let up the meeting. Now to set up the meeting a phone or electronic device is not enough. You need to have software that will help you to set the conference. The software depends on your device that you use or will use in next.

Various types of software you can use to set up the conference. The software are what’s app, skype, zoom, google meeting etc. These all of the software are you can use on any smart device. For apple or iphone series’ you can found others software. Note: we are recommending you any devices to use. We will provide you review.

The person who use android device they can use any of the software we mentioned above. Every software is different and their functionality so to up any conference with any of the software you should know each any everything of them.

Now let’s fix it up which device you use. Basically for any smartphone you will have android version and for android you can get what’s app, zoom, skype and google meeting. On the other side, if you have apple device then you have to use apple series apps. For apple series app, it doesn’t mean you have to use others app, you can use the same app that we mentioned before.

To use the apps on your device, you should do just quick simple steps.

Step 1: first of first, check your smart device’s store. If you use android device then just check your device’s play store and search the name of the apps.

Step 2: if you use apple device then do a quick look up on your apple store. Of course you will get the apps on your store.

Step 3: got the apps? Well, now just hit on the install option. Congratulations..! the installations has been done.

Now it’s the time for next work.

As you know there are different kinds of version you may see so that’s why we are digging down for every specific version.


How to make a conference call on Android

In every android device you can get option to make a voice call even you can make the call single person to multiple person. By the way, you can make a conference call from your phone manually. It’s a default option that you can found on every phone. To make these types of conference calls you should have to know some technical work. The process is, just make a phone from your phone then when the opposite person receive the phone now you can hold the person then make another call now when both of the person are online over phone now you can just click on the conference option from the dialer display option. Here you go, now you can see both the three person can hear each other over phone. By this way you can make any conference call from anyplace any time and do your meeting easily.

This process is same for almost every smart phone. To do this conference call you do not need any kinds of software. It’s a manual process and you can do it manually.

On the other side, there are lots of software you can found for your android device but we are not recommending them. The name of the software’s are what’s app, Skype etc. we will talk about them later in this content.  

We have seen some people are worried about Samsung phone when they are going to set a conference. Believe us the process is so easy. Believe the process-


How to make conference call in Samsung

Samsung doesn’t have their own version that’s why they are android in version. Because of their android version, you can use any of android software in Samsung. But in the past as we mentioned manual is better than any software. Samsung also has the similar option as like others smart phone has. You can make a manual conference from any smart Samsung phone.

What you need to do? Ok, just do the same as same as before we did. Primarily, you have to just connect the 1st person over a manual phone call. When the 1st person connected, then call to the secondary person. Now when both of the people are connected then just hit on the conference button.

Well done , now both of the person are connected.

If you don’t know where the conference option, you may see a marge option when you talk over the phone. You have to set the marge option to connect both of the call in conference.


In the total time we are discuss about the android version phone’s conference call. Beside the android version you can found apple version phone. Basically the American and UK peoples are using the apple version phone more. Well, now in our plate is How to make a conference call on iPhone

First of first, if you want to make a conference call from an apple device then for sure you need a apple device. Because without the apple device how can you make a conference call from iPhone.

To make a conference call on iPhone it also very easy as same as past we are talking about. Firstly dial and connect the first person then connect the second person then finally tap to conference button. Lastly, set the conference.

To know about how you can make a conference call from your iphone device just check the below video- app

Hopefully, you guess all of the three steps are same. Yes, you are correct. All of the steps ate same in process. But in the, all of the version’s function are not same as you think. They are totally different version. One is android and another is iphone or apple version.


As far you read our content we are not talking about any software or any other their party tools to make a conference call. All of the total process that you know now it by manual or by phone’s default.  Now we are going to talk about the software process.

In the software process we are going to talk about what’s app, zoom, and skype. We believe that you already know about the tools or software. From now you are going to know how you can set up a conference a call from this  types of tools and do your ,meeting easily from anywhere and anyplace.


How to make Conference call on WhatsApp


Our next topic is how you can make a conference call from what’s app. If you don’t know about what’s app let us break it down. What’s app is a software or tool. By this software you can make internet based call like video call, audio call, messaging as same as Facebook messenger.

So how you can make a conference call from you’re what’s app.

To make a conference call from what’s app, you need to have a what’s app install in your device that device you wanted to use. If you don’t know how to install in your device let me clarify this.

For android device just go to your play store  then search what’s app on search bar of the play store, on the other side for iphone device go to your apple store then  search as same as past.  When the what’s app appear, just hit on the install button. Now you may see the what’s app now installing. Within 2-3 minutes you will have the what’s app in your phone or device.

Good  to go? Well, now we are going to make a conference call..!


Now you have what’s app installed in your phone.  When you go to what’s app inside then you can see the no of people who using what’s app in from your contact. If you want you can call them, video call them even if you want you can do messing with them. Of course, make sure if you have your internet connection on..

As you know now, you can do individual call on what’s app. When it all about conference call then you should make a group on what’s app to make a group call or conference call. To make a group just click on the 3 dot icon top right side on what’s app then click on create group. Now just put your group name and add the  members. You need to add the members that you want to do conference call.

When you done adding members to your group now you just make the conference call. That’s it. If you want you can make video call and audio call.

Now you know all about the what’s app conference call. The next term is skype, zoom etc. we want to say all of the software and their term is almost same. 

Final part:

This the all way to make a conference call over phone. We are trying to solve each and everything about phone conference. If you want to know about any specific part, just let us know in comment below Good luck..

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