How to invest $20

How to invest $20 ( Expert guide and Review 2020)

If you are a sensible person and want to grow your money then you have to know about business. We believe without business you can’t grow your money easily. That’s why our recommendation is to do investment business.  You can grow your money within a short time with the investment business. But you have to know where to invest and where to invest how to invest. For investment you can invest low to high amount of money. If you are an expert in investment or stock market then you can invest as your wish because you are the expert but if you are not a pro guy for investment then you have to ok now all of about of invest and how to invest $20 as your first investment.


Consideration of before investment on anything

  1. First of first, we recommend you to invest on the place that is valid. Like you can invest on clothing, toys etc.
  2. If you invest with any company then check the company’s reputation before taking any decision.
  3. Ignore fraud. On internet you can found lots of frauds are available to cheat with you. Make sure you just ignore them. For quick tips we can say ignore the company or people who offer you high amount of return with low amount of investment. No one can provide you high amount of return with low investment.

How to invest $20

Before knowing how to invest money, you should know about where to invest money. The money investment platform depends on the amount of your money. In this content we cover low to high amount of money investment platform where you can invest your money. Just stay with us..

Invest on domain:

If you want to invest you money on online so invest on domain name would be right decision for you. Domain name means identity. When someone do their business then they must take a domain with their business name so that people can found them online easily.

How you can invest on domain?

Firstly, you have to buy  a domain. To buying domain you vcan use some tips. Suppose in your local area, you can found a salon and the salon name is “Adam’s salon” now you can search on internet about then if don’t see anything about this domain then may be the domain is available to buy.

Now the second step is check the domain ability. To check domain ability you should go for namecheap, godaddy etc site then choose the domain name search option. On the domain name search option put the domain name if you see the domain available then they show you the price of the domain. The maximum domain price is $8.88. You can buy the domain from them.

After buying the domain your work is almost done. Now contact with the salon and tell them if they get the domain and live their site online then people can found them easily. In this case 96% domain are sold in past and the average domain re-selling is $200-$500. That’s cool, right?

On the other side if the salon owner won’t agree to buy the domain then you can listed the domain on sedo, namecheap or godaddy to again sell and you have the full control of set the selling price. In worldwide couple of salon are available for adam name.

If you want you can buy any domain available domain but you should think and research before buying the domain. You have to think about next to sell the product.

Now calculate the investment and return. You buy a domain for $8.88 and sell it for $200 (lowest) and your return is almost $192. That’s great right?

Pro tips: We recommend you to invest again with your return amount. No need to invest all return amounts but you can invest 50% of return amount. Suppose, from $192 you can invest $92 and make them $2000.

Now the last one is kindle. If you don’t know about kindle then absolutely no problem. We will teach you what is kindle and how you invest on the kindle. The kindle is product of amazon. Kindle means online book. You can called is pdf or ebook.

How you can invest on the kindle-

As you know it’s an online ebook or a pdf so you have to write about something. Of course for the writing topic you have to research. You have to find out which topic is the best for writing and which topic people are looking for. We will discuss about this topic later.

As we mentioned it’s all about writing so if you are writer then we believe no need to investment. You can earn money without investment but of course you should have some skills. (we will tell about the skills later). If you are not a writer or your writing level is not very good then you can hire a writer. The main investment on there. you have to hire  a writer. Basically a writer take $6 per 1000 words so you can easily write 3000 words ebook for $20. We believe 3000 words is good for ebook. Hope now you know about where to invest.

Where you can find writer-

There are couple of article writing tools you can found online like hirewriter, iwriter etc. you can eplore writer from there.

After writing a topic what is next step-

Amazon has a service called amazon KDP. This KDP only for the kindle publisher. Those who are wants to publish their won kindle they have to apply on the KDP platform first. Check the below video for how to apply for kindle.

When you done and amazon approve your request then you can publish the ebook. You have to design or arrange a book cover sothat people can get high impression. If you are all set, now it’s the time to marketing. Suppose, if your kindle about cat niche then you can do marketing on different kind so cat group or community. Sometime you can get organic sell from amazon because of amazon’s own branding. As you know amazon it’s a giant brand and they get lots of visitors per day. Because of that you can make money passively and invest only $20.

Pro tips: make sure to read all of the terms and condition about amazon terms and condition.

Final thought-

From our side we recommend you to go for both of two methods to invest your first $20. From the two we recommend you to digging down on buying and selling domain. Invest on the domain name. now hope you know all of everything about How to invest $20 and where to invest.

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