How to get cash from a vanilla visa gift card

Now a day’s people are enjoying our modern device to pay somewhere. In this modern payment gateway you may found some different kinds of payment options. Visa is one of them. You can pay from your visa card to anywhere and place within a short time. Sometimes, people are getting cash from their visa card. But instantly getting cash from your visa card is not so easy, you should follow some steps to get cash from Visa. That’s why to release your tension, in this content we try to cover how to get cash from a vanilla visa gift card.

Before getting cash from vanilla visa gift card, you should know each and everything about visa card. So very first we go for about visa card.

Visa card is a payment gateway and of course it is an electronic payment option. Keep in mind the visa card is issued by Visa also credit card. By the visa card you can use gift card, prepaid card as well as debit card. You can get visa card from different kinds of bank. Most of every bank allows the visa and they can issue the visa card on behalf of you or they can issue it only for you upon your application.

Note: The finance department of a bank issues the Visa Card.

Hope now you know about Visa card. Well, heads of to you. As you know our primary focus is getting cash from Vanilla visa card so we have to know about vanilla visa card.

So what is vanilla visa card?

Well, Vanilla visa card is also a prepaid visa card. They provide almost the same service as visa card. By the vanilla visa card you can purchase anything from online anytime. You can use the gift card to any online store (where supported the vanilla visa gift card), any phone, online and any mail transaction.

Of course the vanilla visa gift card has a balance limit. You can use $10 to $500 to purchase anytime from the gift card. So when you going to purchase from card, you should keep the limitation on mind.

Now, we know about visa card and vanilla visa gift card. Also we know about their transaction limit. Great, Now let’s go for

How to get cash from a vanilla visa gift card.

As you said it before, getting cash from visa gift card is not so easy.

There are different kinds of ways you can use to convert your vanilla gift card balance to cash. In this ways, the bank account transfer is one of the best ways to send your visa card balance.

May be you are thinking about what is the others method. Your thinking is legit. The others method to convert your vanilla gift card is- You can connect your PayPal to visa card to get cash, by using your venmo to convert cash, Pay your daily necessary bills for hand cash, By sale is a great way to convert vanilla gift card cash, you can sale your visa card to an app, gift card exchange is another great way to getting cash from vanilla card.

Another step you can use is ATM to get cash from your vanilla visa card. So what would be the process right? Well, the process is as simple as same as you withdrew your money from ATM. The processes are.

Step-1: Find a ATM that support vanilla visa card or visa card both of are almost same.

Step-2: Put your vanilla visa card to the ATM. When you enter the card to the ATM then the software ask you to put your card password/pin. You should input your card pin.

Step-3: after putting the pin you can see to many option and one option might say ”withdrew money”, you should select the option and type how much you wants to withdrew. Then just done.

Congratulations, your money on your hand now. This is the way, how you can get cash from a vanilla visa gift card from ATM.



Another method is paypal. Hope you know about paypal. If not, paypal is digital wallet where you can keep your money and do online transactions as you want. To withdrew your money from vanilla card to paypal, you need a paypal account must. Now it’s time to get cash from vanilla card via paypal.

Each and every visa card has a online portal or apps. You have to find out the app where you can login to your visa card. Just find the app on your apple store or play store. When you find out the authorize app, now need to login to the app. After login, check the menu section. On the menu section, you may found connect your paypal account to the card. That is the point, just add your paypal with your vanilla card and withdrew money from you card smoothly. The next process would be with money from your paypal to bank account. 

Venmo APP-

Venmo is another great platform to convert your digital money to cash. The Venmo is a mobile app so you must have a smart phone to use the Venmo app. If you have a smart phone now just go to your play store or apple store depends on your phone. After install the app, create a Venmo account and connect the Venmo account with your vanilla visa gift card. By the way, the venmo app also a product of paypal. Now what you have to do? Well, do as same as paypal. Just connect your Venmo account to your vanilla card then send money to Venmo app then withdrew your venmo payment to your local bank.

The process is so simple that you can’t imagine.

Pay Bills-

If you actually wants to convert your visa digital money to cash money or liquid money then the bill paying option is best. Who doesn’t need to pay daily bills through online or offline? So you can pay your daily bills through your vanilla visa gift card. Keep in mind all shopping mall or any others institute are not support vanilla visa card so you have to ensure where the card is supported and there you can pay from your card.

Sale your visa card-

If you want you can sale your visa card with money. There are lots of website there you can list your visa card for sale. Sale your visa card is a good point if you want to convert your vanilla visa gift card money to cash. But keep in mind you have to lose your card this section because you are going to sale your card. You have to provide all information of the to the buyer who purchase your card. When you are done and sale your vanilla gift card then you are no longer owner of the card.

The good point of sale your visa card is you may get more money than your expectation. For example- if you have $300 in your vanilla visa gift card then you can sale the card for $500 or more.

Why someone pay you more money? Well, good question. Look, you are not going to sale only money. You will sale money plus your gift card. As you know old is gold, so you card has an age. That’s why your card is old and its value like gold. I mean the more old the more value. So, you can consider this section to cash your visa money.

Gift card exchange-

Why not you do gift card exchange if really wants to get cash from your vanilla gift card balance? Gift card exchange is a great way to get cash. How? Well, if you have handsome money on your gift card balance. Try to find out who need gift card balance when you find out a suitable person who actually the balance then need just ask him/her if he/she wants give you cash money for the gift card balance. If both of you are agree to do that than just do it. Now the question is how you can provide the gift card balance? Well, may be the person wants to purchase something from online or something others but keep in mind the card balance only for online use so anything the person will do with the card they need to do online. For example: if the person wants to purchase something from online, you can just pay on behalf of the person and the person pay you cash for the online payment.

Final part:

This was the all over part of How to get cash from a vanilla visa gift card. Hope now you know how you can convert cash from your vanilla card and I’m sure you already select the best method that you are going to use. But wait, we have some recommendation for you. If you really want to get cash so I think “gift card exchange” “Withdrew from ATM” and “Pay necessary bills “would be perfect.

Please don’t forget to comment which method you like most. Now it’s your turn.

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