How long do you have to move out after eviction

How long do you have to move out after eviction- Expert Guide

Eviction notice is the first step of eviction the tenant, renter or leaseholder. No one can’t remove their leaseholder without any notice. For this case the authority needs to send eviction notice to tenant. Moreover the authority can send the notice to tenant after their agreement is over. So if you are tenant so keep an eye on your agreement ending date and be preparing for the eviction notice. Maximum time most of the landlord or the authority must send the eviction notice. They won’t want to keep their same tenant for a long time. Of course, it said it from our experience.

Keep in mind, the eviction is the only legal process to send notice. That’s we think you need to know about eviction beside How long do you have to move out after eviction. Got it? Well. By this article you can know all of the term about eviction. So stay with us.

How long do you have to move out after eviction?

The straight forward answer is 7 days. But as you know the eviction is a legal process so both of tenant and landlord go through the law. You have to check some option on the notice. If the landlord won’t include or abide by the point then you have sometime to stay. Check below the points-

  • Firstly, check the time period that your landlord includes in the notice. According to law, the notice must be sending the tenant before 7 days to 30 days. So if you got the notice before less than 7 days so you landlord break the law. In this case you can discuss with your landlord about this matter.
  • Because of this is legal process so you deserve a hearing date. so for evict, the landlord must have to send the evict notice before seven days. The citation will tell you the turnaround time for hearing.
  • Now for some reason, if you can’t go to the hearing or don’t like to go. Then you will have some time again. As you know it’s not fair because it’s a question about law and court. We recommend you to abide by court rules and hearing rules. Ok? Well come to the point, suppose you can’t go to court on the hearing date. No matter, if you can’t go first date. The court will give you a chance for next 7 days. If you again don’t go to the hearing, the may be court will take and action against you.
  • Now if you’re the seven days gone, then you have only two days to move. And yes, you have to move within the turnaround time.

When the landlord can send eviction notice-

Without any reason any landlord won’t send the eviction notice. That’s it is very important to know about the causes of eviction. Let’s check below to getting know about the causes-

  1. Every landlord rent their property or something for money, right? Suppose from your side, When if you are a landlord so why you rent your property? The answer is money. What you will do if you tenant won’t pay you the rent amount time to time? Even they pay the amount anymore? May be you behavior would be anger. We know it too normal. Yes like that if you won’t pay the rent amount then your landlord defiantly will send you eviction notice for sure. So try to pay according to your agreement. That’s you can ignore the eviction notice.
  2. No one allow break the terms and condition. Maximum time the landlord send the notification notice only for break the terms and condition. So make sure to abide by your agreement. Let us clarify It with some example. Suppose if you don’t like pet then on the agreement you will include pet not allowed on the property or apartment. So when your tenant will bring pet by breaking your agreement deal then what you will do? Of Course, you will tell them and if they won’t abide by the deal the you will send them eviction notice must.
  3. In maximum states the landlords send unconditional evicted notice to the tenant. When the landlords send the unconditional notice then the tenant has no option to do anything. Not to pay, not to say. Yes we know this is too much uncomfortable for everyone. As we mentioned, in the most states the unconditional notice means- 1. The tenant violates the agreement rules frequently. 2. The tenant do any illegal work so involve with any illegal issue. 3. By the tenant, the owner faces lot of damage on their property. 4. The tenant do not pay the monthly rent according to the agreement.
  4. According to the landlord and leaseholder law, if the landlord sends you a notice before 30 days or 60 days. Then for sure, the landlord no needs to tell you the cause. Law supports the landlord. Because the landlord gives to too much time.


Do i have to pay rent after eviction notice?

No there no need to pay rent after the eviction notice. Also no need to pay if you have due rent payment. If the landlord wants to rent money then you take against the landlord for that. The tenant has the right to protect this cause.

Now it’s the time for how long you can stay in this apartment or house? Right. Yes we know. Maximum people ask about this question. We point out something in this case.

If you are finally ready to move out from the apartment but you can’t it right this time so you have to talk with the authority or the landlord. Keep in this you have already lost the seven days. Not only that the court issue a paper for you. So if can’t moved at this time so you should contact with your landlord.

Quick FAQ:

Q: What happens after eviction court date?

A: Don’t worry about it, if you abide by court date. The court until issue a warrant for you, if you abide by the court date. If you ignore court date then court might be issue warrant.

Q: What can I expect at an eviction hearing?

A: Actually , it depends on your landlord and you. Your land will tell the court about you and the reason of evict. Not only your landlord, you can also tell the court, why the evict would not be fair.

Final part-

Hope you got your question about How long do you have to move out after eviction. Not only the answer, we try give you more in its evict case. Let us know what you thought.

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