Countrywide mortgage bad credit

Countrywide mortgage bad credit loan lender (Top 8 Pick)

When it’s all about getting loan from any bank or lender, credit score is a big matter there. Good credit will help you to get priority everywhere and bad credit is totally negative. No one wants to provide loan who has bad credit. Even Countrywide mortgage bad credit Lender Company is like blue moon.

If you are in the bad credit club, May be many time you faced the problem of the bad credit. Didn’t you? If you didn’t, you are very lucky. Finding a bad credit allowed lender is really a rocket science. You have to check company profile, credit score they allowed, interest rate for the bad credit owner etc etc.

That’s why to think of you, we are listed some countrywide mortgage bad credit allowed company. Before review the lenders, let’s check what you should need to know when you are getting loan from your bad credit. Let’s digging down-


What is bad credit-?

When someone are failed to pay loan, lately payment or any kinds of negative issue on their credit then the credit goes to the bad credit level. Basically a bad credit score is under 580. Even some people have 300 credit score.

Thinks to consider getting mortgage loan with bad credit-

  • Firstly, you should check the company/lender age. Old is gold as you know. We suggest you to get loan from a quite old company who are in the way from long time.
  • Check the interest rate. There are many who wants take advantage of the bad credit. They ask higher interest rate for the bad credit. That’s why always try to keep in mind about interest rate. You should not agree with a interest rate that ruined your bank.
  • Consider the turnaround time. Check every lenders turnaround time. Turnaround time means your loan providing time.
  • Last and final consideration is check the loan amount they wants to give you. Try to get loan that are as same as your property value.

Hope now you understood what is good fit for you when the time is for consideration. Now check the top 10 company who provide loan for bad credit owner.

Top 8 Countrywide mortgage bad credit loan lender

In at no one is Rocket Mortgage

If you are a fully digital person so that Rocket Mortgage is perfect match for you. They will offer you a smoothly online loan experience.

Other points of Rocket Mortgage-

  • You will get self-service option from them. That means no need to talk any human to getting loan. If you think, you need to talk. Then they will.
  • They require a minimum credit score. That 580.
  • Also for minimum down payment has a restriction. That is minimum down payment is 3%.
  • After checking your all documents they can offer you the loan amount that you deserve. Maximum time is two minute to tell.
  • One thing they won’t consider that is alternative credit data. So make sure about the alternative credit data.


In at no two is Quicken Loans

Do you need urgent loan? With a quick customer service? So this Quicken Loans: NMLS#3030 might be good fit for you. Why? See the features below-

  • They are allowed 580 credit score. That means if your credit score is 580 so you are welcome to get the loan.
  • Get the loan very quickly after approval all documents.
  • The minimum restriction for down payment is 3%.
  • The good point is they will verify your all document within few minutes.
  • They will offer you custom loan rate. Of course they have some requirement for long term. Long term turnaround is 8 to 30 years.
  • They also not allowed alternative credit card.


In at no three is Vylla

If you are a first time buyer for loan and faced many trouble to getting mortgage loan so Vylla will solve your problem.

Check what Vylla will offer you-

  • If your credit score is minimum 500 so you are good to go for getting the loan.
  • Minimum down payment requirement is 3%.
  • Good for first time borrower.
  • Their all process is online so easy application, easy done.
  • Their loan tracking and all documents upload process in online also.
  • They lock your rate for free. This is golden opportunity.

In at no four is Network Capital

Is your credit score is quite good? Also want to avoid additional fees when getting loan so you should check them at least for one time.

Why? What is reason? See below-

  • A well organized and well rated company.
  • They won’t take no organization fee from you. That means you can save some of money. This is a great point when you taking the loan.
  • They require minimum credit score is 600. If your credit score is quite good, so you are good to go for this.
  • As same as others their down payment is 3%.
  • If you need big loan, there has a giant option. You can get up to $3 million. Depends on various things.


In at no five is HomeBridge

If you are looking for multiple options for loan with online feature, just go for HomeBridge. Both of the features are waiting for you. 

The features are-

  • You will get multiple options for getting loan.
  • If you are a busy person, they will offer you to use their online feature.
  • Yes, credit score needs to 550 to get the loan.
  • The down payment no is 3%. Yes we know it’s same with others company.
  • They allow limited location to provide loan. Please check their allowed states before contact with them.
  • They take organization charge but it depends on various types of loan.


In at no six is Mr. Cooper

If you prefer remote customer service rather than physically so this Mr. Cooper might be good fit for you. Don’t worry about credit score. As you know our topic is Countrywide mortgage bad credit. Let’s check their benefits-

  • Well reputed company to work with.
  • They will offer you low credit option’s loan.
  • Another key point is you can use alternative credit card option to getting loan. Depends on various things.
  • You can track your loan application because of their real time application tracker.
  • You will get a mobile app so that you can track all of the details.
  • The will provide loan for some limited states. Please check your state before taking any decision.
  • You should contact them for your personalize rate.
  • You will need a minimum credit score is 620 and the minimum down payment is 3% as like others.

In at no seven is BNC National Bank

Are you military person? Now want to get loan with low down payment? Just stay with us. BNC National Bank is very good for military person who wants to get loan with down payment. Below others points of the BNC National Bank-

  • Their loan officers will help you to getting the loan if you are new in this case.
  • If you are going to get government low, so credit is just a name here. With a very low credit score you can get the loan.
  • The minimum down payment restriction is 3%.
  • 580 is the minimum credit score.
  • You can’t believe they allow alternative credit data. For an example- you can show them your mobile phone payment.
  • You have to pay organization fees.
  • They won’t allow online approval.

In at no eight  is New American Funding

Do you like get the loan by showing your nontraditional credit? So this the perfect place for you. With low down payment and low credit score you can get the loan.

Others point of New American Funding-

  • Well reputed company.
  • You will a get an easy and online application process experience.
  • Not only that, Thanks to its online document upload, loan approval, loan tracking system. This all system will make your life easy.
  • As same as others they require minimum credit score is 580 with a 3% down payment rate.
  • Their service is not available for states. Please check your state first.


Final thought-

No matter if you are a first time borrower or last time, you need to know what is suitable for you to get loan. Here we cover top Countrywide mortgage bad credit company. If your credit score is higher than 580, so you can check the above lenders.  If the score is 800 or higher then you can check others company.


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