apartments for rent with bad credit and low income

Apartments for rent with bad credit and low income (Top 8 Tips)

Everyone wants to live in a good apartment that makes them an awesome living environment. Isn’t it? Yes we know. Even you want it too. But matter of sorrow, when you go for rent an apartment then you might face a lot of question about yourself and your document. On the other side the most important factor is there it is credit score. Maximum people are facing problem because of their low credit score. If your credit score is high then you can get your dream apartment easily but if your credit score is bad then you may face lots of trouble to find the right apartment as rent.

We know finding apartment with bad credit and low income is very much difficult. Not only difficult, but also almost impossible. But it can be found. That’s why we research and develop so good point that helps you to get an apartment for rent with bad credit and low income. By this article you are going to get your dream apartment with bad credit.

Let us brake down the bad credit and low income-

So what is bad credit? Do you know your credit score? Well, every credit card has its own score based on the credit card uses. If you pay your monthly bill, loan amount and others finance amount in accurate time then you can get a good credit card score. On the other side if you don’t do this at perfect time so defiantly your credit card score will be going down. The low credit card score is 300 and the maximum credit card score is 800. So if your credit card score is under 580 so your credit card is in low score group and if it’s cross the 580 score so it a medium score. 650-800 is a good credit score. Hope now you got it about good and bad credit score.

bad credit housing for rent

So now the question is why someone won’t rent apartment to a bad credit score holder?

Think is from your side. Suppose you are owner of a house or apartment and wants to rent your apartment. Now you are looking for a person who will rent your apartment but pay the rent amount monthly in accurate time. To know about the person who can pay the monthly rent amount in accurate time, credit card score it the best way. By his/her credit card score, you can be understood the person is fair or no fair. That’s why the credit card score is the best choice. Got it?

Now it’s time of low income-

No one will check your income report. Your income report is only yours. You have to figure out how much money you can spent as your living cost. When you go to getting rent an apartment the owner of the apartment will ask you only your document, your history (may be check police verification), about your credit score. Sometimes they ask for any reference. That’s why income is not a fact in there.

Requirements need to rent apartment-

  • First of first prepare all of the document you have like National ID card, driving license etc. because maximum apartment authority will ask you to provide the document.
  • Second option is get and statement of credit card score. Most the time they require 600 or higher credit card score to getting rent an apartment.
  • What is your income source? May be you are going to face a question like this.
  • What you do for living. There you can tell you job description.


How you can get Apartments for rent with bad credit and low income-


Be honest about your credit card score-

May be, now you know about your credit card score. So what is your credit card score? 580, 600, 700 or higher. If you credit card score is 600 or higher then you are good to go and you can skip this point. On the other side if it 580 or lower, just keep reading. You know your credit score is bad and it does not meet the apartment renting requirement. Now, then the apartment authority ask you to what is actual reason about your low credit score, try to be honest and tell them why the score is low and what is the reason. May be the authority wants to see your income report and check saving amount. So be prepare to answer the questions.

On the other side if you want to increase your credit card score then you have to paid your due bill, loan or cancel any payment etc. by this way you can increase your credit card score. Try to find the way to increase credit score within a very short time. May be sometimes you can found a way that can increase the score within one night. That’s crazy, right?


Think about the income-

In this topic we will figure out about the low income. So as we mention think about what is your income rate. It’s normal, if your income is quite low so you have to go for low rent apartment and if your income is high then you can go for higher. We recommend you to spent maximum 30% of your income for your living cost. If you want to invest more than the percentage then maybe you are going to faced lots of trouble. When the authority ask you about your income and your budget for rent, then if they don’t compare your income and your budget maybe the authority will think it’s you habit. It made a bad impression about you to them. So make sure to talk about you income.


Advance payment-

Sometimes maximum apartment authority will ask you an advance deposit for rent. Sometimes they are not. But no matter if they ask or not, you should always try to pay advance payment. When you are going to pay as advance that time the authority think about you confidence. They think you are well qualified to get the apartment as rent. Moreover they think it’s a security amount and that’s cool. For payment try to pay two month’s rent as advance. This tips might be help you in this case.


Consider a best payment method-

Payment method is best way to getting approved for rent. May be the authority will ask you for payment method. Our recommendation is you can offer the authority to pay the rent from your bank account or saving account. From your saving account you set automatic payment to the owner account. It is the chance to get more priority to the authority eye. Moreover you can get approved to using this way without any credit or bad credit score.


Provide any rental agreement-

Your budget is too low to pay the security money or deposit money then you can use any rental agreement you have. It can be any types of rental agreement like your car’s rental document, any product purchase rental document etc. it would be alternative of your security money. By this agreement you can get extra benefit to getting rent apartment. So if you have any kinds of the agreement don’t forget to use them.


Try to find out a good rent mate or roommate-

Hope in this point your low income problem will be solved. So, why you find a roommate? As you know you credit score is low and your income also. At this point a roommate can solve your problem. Suppose , the apartment you want to rent that’s cost is $200 per month so if you have a roommate then you can pay 50-50 rules. Like your roommate will pay $100 and you will pay $100. By this way you can decrease your apartment renting cost. On the other side if you want you can find a sub-late. A sublet will obedient you. Let us clarify this, imagine you get rent an apartment, when you done to rent apartment then try to find a sublet to rent a space from your apartment to the sublet. In this case the cost would be as you want. Like your rent deal was $200 per month with the authority of apartment. On the other side, you set per month $150 deal with your sublet so what would be your payment for the apartment. $50 right? That’s cool. Now choose the option you like.



A reference can increase your chance to get approve for rent an apartment. While you have credit score problem also low income problem now it’s the time to get a reference. When someone refer you to the landlord, there a higher chance the landlord won’t check your credit card score even income report because of the honor of the person who refer you. That’s if you have a person you can refer you to someone for rent apartment so it would be better to take the advantage of the reference. Got it?

Look for noncredit check apartment-

Try to find out some apartment who offer noncredit check rent or low credit owner rent apartment. You can found in online some small home owner who offer the low credit score apartment rent. Our recommendation is check craigslist to finding your perfect apartment as per your requirements.


Final thought-

Hence, you got some special tips to Apartments for rent with bad credit and low income. Now finalize what method you want to use or not. Form our side we recommend you to increase your credit score first then try to find a sublet. We believe the two steps help you in this case. Now your turn.

Quick FAQ-

Q: what credit score do landlords look for?

A: 600 and 620 is the best credit score to rent a house.

Q: landlord credit check what can they see?

A: They will check loan activity, late payment, Bankruptcies etc.

Q: do both tenants have to have a credit check?

A: Yes. Both tenants need to check the credit.

Q: minimum credit score to rent a house?

A: 600 is enough to rent a house.

Q: does apartment lease show on credit report?

A: If you failed to pay your lease amount then it shows in your credit report.


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