Amazon 5 monthly payments

Amazon 5 monthly payments Review ( Detail Guide Pros and Cons)

Who doesn’t love shopping? We know everyone like shopping but if the cost of shopping would be too much that’s won’t be good for everyone. That’s why most of people are looking for the shop where they can finance on the product they purchase. You can called it installment purchasing. For the installment purchasing you can pay for monthly basis. Not every company is good at monthly payment for purchasing also not everyone is trusted. That’s why we found out amazon and so far amazon is trusted and good for monthly payment purchase. In this content you can get ide about how you can purchase through Amazon 5 monthly payments.


We include here-

How you can pay for monthly basis.

Why we choose amazon.

The benefit of monthly payment.

Pros and cons of installment payment.


What is monthly payment?

Monthly payment is a way where you can pay through monthly basis. If you want you can choose any kinds of frequently as you want but make sure the seller or the shop allowed you to pay your suitable time. For monthly payment you have to pay a fixed amount of money as monthly basis. Did you get it?

How you can pay for monthly basis?

There are couples of ways you can set to pay monthly basis. As you know you have to pay through monthly basis that’s why we recommend you to set an automation to pay monthly frequently. To set the payment automation you have to talk with your bank of payment provider so that they can set it on behalf of you.

On the other hand, you can pay through your digital wallet. For digital wallet you can use your credit card, debit card, PayPal etc.  Not only can that if you want you pay through your apple wallet.

Online banking is good platform to pay monthly basis. It’s up to you which method you will use for paying monthly.

Amazon 5 monthly payments process-

Amazon is a great online platform to purchase anything. We choose amazon because amazon has its own brand value. On amazon you can purchase product as installment basis. There are some sellers allowed you to purchase by the process. Instead of the installment the seller make a turnaround time to pay the amount with interest rate. Indeed, not every seller requires interest rate. If you want to ignore the interest rate then you should find out the seller from amazon who requires the no interest rate for after pay payment.

Now come to the point, what is amazon 5 months payment process? Well the amazon 5 months payment is the way, where you can the purchase amount within5 months. The seller allowed you to pay a monthly basis. Let us clarify, suppose if you purchase a product that cost is $1000 so for 5 months you have to pay $200 per months. Each months $200 that means for five months $1000 and your installment will be paid within the turnaround time. That’s cool, right?

Why you should for amazon-

Not only in US but also world wide who don’t know about amazon? We believe everyone knows about amazon and their business. On the other side, amazon has a lots of FBA seller who offer installment payment through amazon purchasing. Now the question is we know amazon is good ad trust-able eCommerce to shopping without any doubt but how we can trust on their FBA seller and why you should give them your confidential document for purchasing on lease. For your types question’s answer is simple. We can say just in one line that is amazon is not fool. Amazon checks the fba seller before doing business with them. It’s ultimately the reputation of amazon. No one will blame the fba seller, everyone blame amazon if they got any wrong. Make sense? That’s why amazon must verify the fba seller before allow to sell on amazon.

There are some terms and condition you should follow-

  1. First of first you should check your eligibility to purchase on amazon. As far as we know amazon allow to finance on new product, digital product etc. make sure you check this step.
  2. If you want purchase multiple products on at one time with financing option then you may face another restriction. The restriction is you can purchase only one product from one category. So keep in mind this point.
  3. If you think you can transfer the offer so we recommend you don’t do it. You can’t transfer the offer.
  4. The get the finance option you must in US citizen. Us citizen is not enough. You must have an active amazon account and the account age should be at least one year. Of course a credit card should be associated with your amazon account.
  5. Amazon has the right to cancel the offer any time. You can’t blame amazon if the offer would be canceled.
  6. For charging, you have to pay the full payment of the product. At primary step you should pay some payment then you can pay due amount for four payment frequently. You should pay the initial payment when the product shipped to you. Then the second payment should be pay 30 days after the product shipped, the third payment should be pay 60 days after the shipment, fourth payment for 90 days after the shipment and the final and five payment should be pay after 120 days of shipment.


Advantage of installment payment-

  1. You can pay frequently basis. That means you can ignore the onetime payment option.
  2. If your income rate is not so much then the installment payment would be perfect for you.
  3. You can get full freedom for product purchasing. S

Disadvantage of installment payment-

  1. You have a mental stress until to pay the install payment.
  2. If you can’t pay the payment as the frequently basis then it might impact on your credit.
  3. Sometimes you may face interest rate on installment payment. Because of the interest rate, you can have to pay some extra.


Final thought-

There are no alternative options of installment payment. If you want to for product day by day then you should must try the Amazon 5 monthly payments option. We believe 5 months is not so long time and not so short time. The 5 months is a quality time for payment frequently. That’s why the 5 months turnaround time is perfect for everyone.

On the other point, when it’s all about company or seller so there are no alternative of amazon. You know they are authority of this sector. You can go for them without any doubt.

Now it’s your turn.

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