Adding gift cards to apple wallet

Adding gift cards to apple wallet (Detail Guide) This Year

Gift is a thing that can make happy. No matter what you age is , a gift can make you smile. There are different kinds of gift you can see. Even in past may be you got various kinds of gifts. Gift card is one of the best gifts now a day. A gift card can be only gift, voucher etc. Basically a gift card is gift voucher that online seller provide their customer. It can be cash back, it can be discount amount. But the point is you can get money by a gift card.

So what you will do by the gift card? Well, you can make your shopping length more by the voucher amount or you can save the gift card to use later. In this point, we recommend you to use the gift card later to better use. But how you use the gift card later? Or how you save the gift card?

You can save the gift card to different kinds of wallet. Apple wallet is one of them, where you can save or add your gift cards. To add the gift cards, you should perfectly do the steps. That’s why in this guide you can learn

How to add the cards to wallet

What is apple wallet.

Benefit of add gift cards.

Pros and Cons all of the terms.

Well, so without any further delay let’s digging down-

How to Adding gift cards to apple wallet

Apple has different kinds of product to keep your money. Party free finance app is one the app where you can add your debit, credit, student card etc and do transaction from the app. On the other side they has a wallet app. By the wallet app you add gift card, redeem coupon, take voucher etc. So in this adding gift card to wallet case, we need the wallet app. If you don’t have the app in your apple device so we recommend you to install the app from your apple store.

Did you install already? Well, let’s follow the below steps-

  • First of first, we need an itune pass. The Itune pass also an apple app product that will connect your app wallet. The itune helps you to check your account balance. Also it’s a digital membership from apple authority.
  • To add the itune to your apple wallet, click on the app store from your apple device.
  • Did you open the app store? Well, now click on your profile picture. You can found it on the upper corner.
  • Now you should choose the “redeem code or gift card”. You can found the option on menu.
  • You can get a “get started” option in itune pass.
  • Here you should put your apple id’s password then press ok.
  • You are almost there, now press the “add itune to pass wallet” .
  • Did you do it? Great. Now just add and done.

Congratulations, you have added itunes to pass your wallet. Now you have to wait few moment. Within 15 minutes it will be done.

Now it’s the time for final process-

When you have done all of the above process now it’s the time to add gift cards to your apple wallet. To add the gift card or voucher follow the below steps again-

  • Take your gift card that you want to add to your wallet. Sometimes you can get the gift card with a link on your phone sms.
  • If you get the gift card physically then you can see a grey hide option on the gift card. When you remove the grey film then you can see there a code no or bar code to scan.
  • Now as same as past open your apple app store.
  • Did you open? Well, now touch on your profile that you can get on upper side.
  • Now on your account menu, you can see the redeem card option. Choose the redeem option.
  • When you want to redeem then you might open your camera even on apple device the camera will automatically open up. If you see a bar code you have to scan the code from camera. On the other hand there only manual code like “1234” so choose the manual option to put the code.
  • Once you put the code or scan the bar code then you can see the gift card add on your account.

Did you do all of these steps? Well, now the gift card adds on your account.

Now you can check your apple wallet and you can see the balance added on your account wallet. That’s cool, right?

What is apple wallet?

Apple wallet is a digital wallet where you can save money, store money and keep your money. It’s product of apple authority. If you want to use the wallet then you should be a apple device user. Without an apple device user won’t use the apple wallet.

Benefit of add gift cards.

From our side we found only pros of gift card. There are lots of pros of gift card.

  1. You can save some money from the gift card. If you have little budget for shopping then a gift card can tie of your shopping budget.
  2. Gift card make you smile. The happiness will keep you healthy.
  3. If you can gift the gift card to someone. The gift card gift would be more unique gift for anyone.
  4. If you want you can collect the gift card and keep them. When you see there are lots of gift card you have collected then you can add the card to your apple wallet. It would be great advantage.

Final thought-

Maximum people in the world have a passion to collect gift cards. We believe it’s a good passion. If you want you can keep this in your passion list. But you have to proper knowledge about how to use the gift cards. We hope now you know all of everything about Adding gift cards to apple wallet. Now you are out of problem.

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