52 week money challenge $5000

52 week money challenge $5000 (Smart Guide This Year)

No matter what your profession is, you need money for all situations in your life. Money brings happiness, Money can save you, and Money is the second god we believe. So in life money is very important. Saving money is a great way to increase money. You can save the money for different kind’s purpose in your life. It can be wedding, it can be any occasion. Even sometimes people save money for a great tour. No matter if you didn’t have any special purpose to saving money but you should save money. Because money is the second god as we mentioned before.

There are different kinds of money challenge guide you can found on online today. But here you can found 52 week money challenge $5000.  In this challenge you can save money for 52 weeks and reach your target to $5K. We believe if you abide by our rules you will achieve your goal within the 52 weeks. Not only the 52 week challenge, you can get how to save money and how you can earn extra money to reach your challenge quickly. So let’s break this step by step.

What is money challenge-?

Money challenge is a challenge where you can set a target to save some money to use any special purpose. If you want you can set any amount of money any amount of days. Of course, the target based on the event and the amount of money.


What is 52 week money challenge $5000?

As we mentioned you can take any challenge to save money. The 52 week money challenge $5000 is one of them. It means within 52 weeks you can save $5000 for your special purpose. If your income level is too high then you can minimize the week to reach your target within a short time. Even if you want to set the target high amount of money then you can. Our point is it’s totally depends of your income, budget etc.

In the 52 weeks and $5000 rules you have to save at least minimum amount of $25 and this is for first week. According to day by day week, the amount will increase. You can increase the maximum amount is $155. Even the amount you save it also depends on you. If you want you can save more than $155 a week. So figure out your saving amount each week. But we believe if you can save around $155 per week that’s better for 52 week.

The best reason of 52 week money saving challenge-

Wedding: Maximum time people are wants to make a better wedding party. To make a best wedding party they need more money that’s some people are take the challenge to save some extra money for their wedding or their beloved one’s wedding.

Engagement ring: you know how much expensive an engagement ring is. People are taking the challenge to save some money to purchase an engagement for their favorite one. If you have lacking of some money then you should take the challenge as soon as possible so that you can reach your target easily.

Purchase a car: 95% people loves a beautiful car even they wish to own a car but average 50% people can’t achieve their dream car. For this case you can take the 52 week challenge so that you can purchase your dream car after finish the challenge duration. That would be cool.

Saving for a house: well, we know you can’t purchase house for $5000. But if you want you take pay the $5000 as down payment. You can purchase a house as loan purpose. In that case you might face down payment problem. That time the $5000 will help you to pay the down payment amount.

Travel purpose: are you a travel lover? But can’t go to any trip because of low amount money? Then you should take the challenge. When you achieve your target amount after 52 week then you can go for a big trip.


Break the 52 weeks rules-

If you think the week saving amount is too much for you then you can break the weekly rules. There are two methods you can use to break down the 52 week rules.

Bi weekly-

The bi weekly method helps you to save two week money at one time. If you can’t save week to week then you should go for this bi week. In the bi week the amount to keep that would be too much and you can see maximum amount you save. It would be eye catching and it makes you to save money next biweekly.

Daily Basis-

In this method you save money daily basis. If the weekly and biweekly is too much for you to save then the daily might work for you. You should set a budget to save daily basis. Like for weekly if you save $25 so for this you can save $5 daily. That means after one week you can save $35 that is more than $25. Hope this method will work for you.


How to keep on going to save the money-

52 weeks is a long time. In this long duration it’s difficult to keep the same money saving mind for the long time. If you can keep the mind that’s great. If you can’t then you mightn’t achieve your goal. To keep your mind fresh for saving money you can use some tricks. The tricks are below-


Separate your budget:

No matter what’s you income is, you should keep an amount from your income to save. If you keep the amount per week then you can see it would be easier to keep continue the process. You can make the process as a part of your life.


Stop spending for un-necessary things-

If you have a habit of spending lots of money for unnecessary things so you should stop this and control your habit. If you can control this habit for the 52 weeks then you can see it is too easier to save money.


Safe place to keep your money-

When you save money, it’s better to ensure that your money is secured. That’s why keep the money at safe place. You can open a checking account to keep your money safe. Of course a checking account is liquid. You can use the money as you want.  

Continue is the key-

When it’s all about taking a money challenge so keep continue is the key to success. If you can’t keep continue in this process then there a higher chance to disconnect with this 52 week money saving process.

Mobile phone services- it’s better to reduce your sell phone services bills for the 52 weeks. Although, you should save small amount of money that’s why you should save amount from of money from your daily activity. If you want you can go for the mobile phone operator who offer low cost.

Reduce the Internet Bill/TV bill-

Now it’s the time to think about your internet bill and TV bill. How much you spent for Internet per month? It can be $100 or $80 or $50. Suppose $50 for $600 per year. On the other side, what about your cable operator bill/month? May be it’s not less than $100 so 12 month for $1200. So the total amount is $1800 per year. Now think about 52 weeks challenge amount was $5000 and you spent $1800 a year for TV and internet. We believe, if you can reduce your internet and TV bill then it might be so easier to save weekly money.

Insurance is matter:

Did you do any insurance? It not then we recommend you to do any insurance. Maximum people don’t want to do insurance but it’s not fair. The benefit of an auto or home insurance is it can save some money end of the year. Those who have auto or home insurance he/she can save minimum $500 per year rather than who doesn’t have any insurance. Sometimes, the amount bump up to $1000 per year. So if you still far from the insurance, so it is the time to go for deal with insurance.


Reduce your housing cost-

By reducing your housing cost you can save extra money to achieve your goal. In a house, there are different kinds of housing cost you will face like gas bill; electric bill etc. if you want you can save the housing cost by less using these. The housing cost is in your hand. You can control this as you want.


To reach your target very quickly you should do some extra. So what you can do? There are lots of things you do via online and offline to earn extra money for your 52 days money saving plan and reach the goal to 52 week money challenge $5000. The ways are below-

  1. Take online survey: if you want you can found lots of company takes survey for market research. Even most of the company wants to pay for the survey. If you can get one or two survey per week that would be great for you to earn some extra.
  2. Own website: if you are skilled person then you can open a website based on your skills. No matter what your skill is. We believe every skill is valuable. You can open an online website then collect local student to tech your skill. By this way you can earn money by teaching profession. Yes it takes some money and time but not so much. $10 and 10 minutes is enough to open a website. That’s great right.
  3. Review app/site: in online you can found different kinds of website and app who wants to pay for review their site and app. There a higher chance to earn maximum $10 per review. They can pay you via PayPal. Suppose if you do 10 reviews every week then you can get $100 per week.
  4. Deliver food: if you have time after your major work then you can deliver food as a part time job. You can earn average money by this food delivery job. It would be really helpful if you have lacking of money to save.
  5. If you have a passion on writing then you can go for publish a kindle book. Where to publish? Well, amazon.com is great platform to publish kindle eBook. Not only it is a way of earn money online but also it is passive income way. You can earn money when you sleep.
  6. We know you shopping are very essential in our everyday life. But in this 52 week time you should find the shop who offer cash on shopping. By this way, when you purchase that time you can earn cash back money. That is a great way to earn some money.
  7. Sell old things: what about to sell you old cd, video games etc? we recommend you to sell the old garbage that you no need any more. The old thinks helps you to make some extra profit.
  8. Sell photo: do you love to capture photo? Well, you this habit now make money. If your photo caption is very good, so you can sell the eye catching photo to earn money. For this case you can participate local photo exhibition and online photo selling platform to sell your photo.
  9. Rent parking space: do you have enough car parking spaces? If yes, then you can rent the car parking space. You can found too many people who looking for parking space in your local area. You can charge the tenant for money, weekly of daily as you want.
  10. Dog walking: we believe work is work. No work is small. That’s the dog waling is a great job. If you are a dog loving person so this dog makes money for you. You can get a job as dog walker. To find a job in this position you should take a look at different kinds of job published site like indeed.


Final thought-

Confident is everything. If you think you can take the 52 week money challenge $5000 then you can do it for sure. We keep our promise. Now, you know all of about the challenge and how to do, what to do. Now your work is to just go for the challenge and begin.

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